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During a 25-year business career as an “insider” in Japan, Bruce Holcombe and his company have represented and advised government and corporate clients on their and searches for business partners and business dealings in Japan. Clients have benefited from a committed advisor wide personal business connections who understands both their goals and the intricacies and demands of the Japanese market. The following outlines some of those assignments.

* State of Tasmania Representation
Bruce Holcombe served as senior representative in Japan for the State of Tasmania from 1986 to 2002. His role was to promote Tasmanian trade with Japan (Tasmania relies on the Japanese market for one third of its exports) and attract Japanese investment to Tasmania (including the $130 million MDF plant built by Osaka company Hokushin in northern Tasmania). Bruce Holcombe advised five successive Tasmanian premiers on Japan-Tasmania trade and investment and attended them and other state ministers on annual visits to Japan.

・Nissan World-wide Corporate Identity Project Consulting
Under President Carlos Ghosn Nissan Motor Company has undertaken a worldwide renaissance program. This has included an effort to revamp and unify the company’s corporate identity worldwide. Bruce Holcombe was retained by Japan’s leading corporate identity consultancy PAOS to advise on the project and help coordinate the program with design consultants in the USA and Europe.

・The Boots Company

Bruce Holcombe advised the Britain’s largest health and beauty chain for two years on the search for a joint venture partner in Japan and negotiations that lead to an eventual joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation.

・SmartForce (formerly CBT Systems)
Bruce Holcombe assisted SmartForce, one of the world’s leading computer-based training companies, in its search for a business partner in Japan and advised on negotiations that lead to an eventual joint venture with NTTx.

・Australian National Industries
Bruce Holcombe represented Australian conglomerate ANI in Japan for five years and helped manage its business relationship with Japanese partner Ebara Seisakujo, a major player in waste disposal technology.

・The Enterprise Company
Bruce Holcombe was retained by America’s pioneer in waterfront redevelopment projects to advise on negotiations between the company, Boston-based architectural office Cambridge Seven, and the City of Osaka on the redevelopment of the Tempozan waterfront and the construction the Ring of Fire Aquarium and a festival market place.

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