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Deposition Interpreting
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Deposition Interpreting
"Words without thought will not to heaven go."
William Shakespeare [Hamlet]
Deposition Interpreting Japanese Deposition Interpreting Practice
Litigation interpreting for attorneys and Japanese witnesses requires highly specialized skills and experience. Bruce Holcombe (see Profile) and his team offer a unique dedicated deposition practice for litigation attorneys in Japan and elsewhere. Holcombe & Associates services include:

* Deposition interpreting by experienced native English speaking or true bilingual interpreters
* Witness preparation interpreting
* Discovery interview interpreting
* Interpreting of litigation strategy briefings for clients
* Sight translation (verbal translation) for triaging of discovery documents
* Translation of discovery documents, court orders, judgments, and other legal documents into and out of Japanese
* Assistance with sourcing local deposition video recording services

Why use us?

1. Experience
Deposition interpreting is not for the young, the faint-hearted or the inexperienced. The presence of a check interpreter and colloquy between interpreters is unique to litigation interpreting and brings an added pressure not experienced by most conference interpreters. Litigation is adversarial by nature and requires of the interpreter maturity, balance and toughness under fire as well familiarity with deposition protocol and legal terminology. Bruce Holcombe offers the experience of 25 years professional interpreting and numerous commissions for leading litigation attorneys in commercial disputes and patent infringement cases. He will not just work for you but with you outside the deposition room to explain nuances and help read between the lines of Japanese testimony.

Typical recent litigation interpreted by Bruce Holcombe and his team include:
* Ongoing major real estate fraud litigation depositions and witness preparation
* Joint venture breach of contract dispute depositions
* Claim for personal injuries compensation court hearings and witness preparation
* Claim for death from professional negligence compensation court hearings and witness preparation
* Land lease dispute arbitration hearings
* Liquid crystal display patent infringement depositions and witness preparation
* Medical device patent infringement witness interviews
* Paint technology patent infringement depositions
* Legal negotiations with bankruptcy administrator
* Loan recovery claim depositions
* Anti-trust claim witness interviews
* Plasma display patent infringement depositions and witness interviews
* Personal injuries insurance compensation claim court hearings
* Computer security technology breach of contract witness interviews


2. Clean, Native English Quality Record
Bruce Holcombe is unique among the top echelon of professional interpreters in Japan, virtually all of whom are native Japanese speakers. He will provide the precise, comprehensible and natural English record of Japanese testimony that you, the attorney, and the court require. Too much money and time has been wasted on deposition records marred by barely comprehensible or poorly nuanced interpreting by interpreters who are not native English speakers or not truly bilingual.


3. Cost Performance
Most interpreting agencies in Japan insist on the client hiring two interpreters for full day assignments. Bruce Holcombe and his team offer considerable savings by working alone on most deposition and other litigation assignments.

Being based in Tokyo, we also obviate the cost of flying in interpreters from the United States. For depositions held at the US Consulate in Osaka, we are just a convenient couple of hours travel by bullet train from Tokyo. We have also undertaken overseas deposition and court interpreting.


4. Discretion & Confidentiality
Even more so than other interpreting work, litigation interpreting requires strict confidentiality and absolute discretion with commercially sensitive information. We have an unblemished record of discretion with client information and are ready to sign confidentiality agreements if further assurance is required.


5. Fees
The basic daily deposition interpreting fee is 120,000 yen per eight-hour day with a one hour break for lunch. Cancellation fees, travel charges and other conditions are available upon request. For inquiries and details please email or telephone 81-(0)3-5490-0680


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