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Holcombe & Associates (formerly trading as Lexis Inc.) is a Tokyo-based provider of interpreting and translation services between Japanese and English. The business specializes in finance, commercial law and litigation and offers a unique deposition interpreting service (see Deposition Interpreting). Peers and clients alike recognize the principal, Bruce Holcombe (see Profile) as the most experienced non-Japanese national interpreter working in Japan and a "natural" at deposition and court interpreting and intricate business negotiations.

Since the founding of the business in1985 we have built an enduring track record (available on request) and created a meticulously chosen network of specialist legal and finance translators and interpreters. They know what they are doing and they have been doing it for a long time. Typical clients are government ministries, the central bank, international law firms and finance houses, and the legal departments of multinational corporations.

Why use Holcombe & Associates?
* Because you demand a clean, precise native English speaker quality deposition record.
* Because you seek an accurate but natural translation that gets the terminology right.
* Because you seek flexibility on deadlines without compromising quality.
* Because you require discretion and confidentiality.
* Because you wish to communicate with a responsible manager.
* Because…well, you just want the job done professionally and on time.
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